Light switches, plugs and sockets of Schneider Electric Unica

Schneider Electric Unica:
Light switches, plugs and sockets

Unica is a real complete international flexible wiring devices range. It is adapted to installation habits (different flush mounting boxes, screw or screwless terminals, multi-standard socket outlets, etc.).

With a complete range of more than 150 electrical and electronic functions in light and power control, socket-outlets, VDI, signalling, protection, comfort and energy saving, and wireless system, Unica provides the broadest range of solutions.

With its white or ivory or aluminium or graphite finishing in all the inserts completed with trendy cover frames ranges (Unica/Basic, Chameleon, Quadro, Top, Class), Unica covers all aesthetical needs.


  • Residential and tertiary segments
  • Flush- or surface-mounted installations
  • Under-floor or false ceiling, wall installations trunking, post and poles.


Unica Class: Minimalist design in true natural materials. Unica Class helps you let nature into your home. 9 different finishing from 1 to 4 gang, both horizontal or vertical installation, while taking advantage of all the comfort brought by Unica functions in aluminium and graphite finishing.

Unica Top: It represents the high end level in Unica modular range. Unica Top includes a broad range of functions in aluminium and graphite finishing completed by cover frames made of different types of wood (4 colors) and metals (10 colors).

Unica Quadro: Modern and sober design, simple lines, offering 14 cover frames color options, in white or ivory functions finishing.

Unica Chameleon: One step up in the range, including little inner frames in 20 different colors to put on white or ivory cover frames, available with white or ivory functions finishing.

Unica Basic: the simple range, designed for functional applications in white or ivory functions finishing.